Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Makeover Madness ~ TPT Seller Challenge #1

I have joined in the fun of the Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Challenge hosted by Sparkling in Second, Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood, and Peppy Zeppy Teacherista.

Challenge #1 was to makeover an old product.  I chose one of my first products that desperately needed some updates.  The product is my prefix and suffix packet and you can check out the updates I made below:

This product had a sort of movie theme to it, but it wasn't very consistent.  I updated the cover page to show off the theme a bit more.

I also changed the root word cards so they look like admission tickets (to stick with the theme).

Another change was to make the root word cards bigger than the prefix/suffix cards.  This will help them to stand out more as students manipulate the cards.  I also cleaned up the prefix/suffix cards by making the lines thicker (this will help students to cut them out better if being used as a cut & paste activity).

Other pages include recording sheets, teaching cards, and game boards for extra practice.

You can find this prefix and suffix packet in my TPT Store by clicking here.  It will 35% off for the next few days, so grab it while it's on sale!

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  1. Great job I love this!!! The tickets are so so cute! :) Good luck next week!!

  2. Your makeover looks great - I especially like the root word "tickets" - so creative!!
    Good Enough Teacher

  3. Big change! Looks fantastic!