Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Product: Verb-Pronoun Flip& Practice

I'm happy to share my newest product with you today!  I have several students working on pronouns and verbs, and this product is a great way to give them some extra practice. You can use this product in a variety of ways.  I put it together as a flip book...

The product includes 20 verb pictures and word cards (10 he cards, 5 she cards, and 5 they cards).  It also includes word cards for the pronouns "he/she/they" and "is/are" with a visual cue and without.  Non-readers can use the cards with visuals and the verb picture card to generate their sentences.  Readers can use the word cards without visuals to create their sentences.

The flip book is designed to be cut and assembled so the student can flip the various cards to create sentences.  You can view the short video below to see how the flip book works. Assembly instructions are provided with the product. 

This product can be used for students with goals for pronouns, -ing verbs, or is/are. It can also be good for wh- questions (What is he doing?  Who is crying/dancing/etc...?). You can build on each picture by asking questions like "Where do we...? When do we...? and so on.

You can find the Verb-Pronoun Flip & Practice in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store by clicking here.  It will be 50% off for the first 24 hours (until 8:00pm Central Time on Sunday)!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @beautifulspch I will be giving a free copy of the Verb-Pronoun Flip & Practice to one follower and a friend.  Look for the giveaway post to enter.  

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